Luke 23:39-43

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Tim and Becki Neff

We invite you to be a part of our ministry. Don't listen to us; listen to the voice of God. Sharing is a strong attribute from God. He not only shared His best with us, He gave us everything that He created. Pray about being obedient to the leading of His spirit. Team with us so that together we can be the people God uses to be a blessing to those in need. If the Lord puts it upon your heart to help, please be obedient. It means this ministry will continue to offer hope to those who are in hopeless situations… those who just might be on their "last chance."

Someone once asked if tithing should be on the gross or the net of our paychecks? Here's the question: What kind of blessing do you expect from God – the net or the gross?

Thank you in advance for your donations and gifts. We are humbled and equally blessed by every prayerful contribution. Be assured that we hold ourselves accountable to God as well as to those who are moved to donate. We promise to be good stewards with all that comes into this storehouse!

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